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Richy Srirachanikorn

MA Sociology | Concordia University, Montréal, Québec

Hikikomori, The Self, Symbolic Interactionism, Digital Life, MMORPGs, Social Death, Nostalgia as Heterotopia

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Currently working on:

Dates are expected 'peak' work; bound to change

Apr 2022: Wrapping up TA and RA-ships

2024: Writing Master's Thesis

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I am a virtual sociologist.


Yes, that means I study virtual worlds and digital lives, but I also study possibility 

and the kinds of pain we endure to realize it. "Virtual" here, is the process of becoming (back when virtual only meant an imaginary version of something, and not VR/the Internets).


Within these possibilities, how do people use the digital space to realize their desires? What is the social like for people who don't have a "social" life to return to? 

I am currently based in Montréal, Quebec studying at Concordia University.

(Updated March 2023)

General inquiries and Academic CV is available upon request at:

srirachanikorn [at]

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